Avian Incoherence

The bird stood at the crossroads, waiting for the sun
The dawn brought vision and life
Succulent worms and grubs. He had patience
The bird was a feast to the hawk
He soared high as the dawn broke. That tiny bird
A broken neck
The energy transfer complete. The light still came
The body gone


You were my everything now you are nothing

I shattered the dream you gave to me
One smooth swing of the arm
It tumbled
countless pieces lying on the floor
I cried for you
My solace, my support


I wait for your return
but you don’t come

You won’t be coming back

25 June 2017

Scrambling we find ourselves
Lost in thought, lost in our own worlds
I reached for you hand but you could not see me
Your visions encapsulated his voice
His touch
You were more lost than me
Withdrawing, I brought you back
Kissed your forehead with one last lingering
“Please find yourself”
Your deer eyes in my headlights