You were my everything now you are nothing

I shattered the dream you gave to me
One smooth swing of the arm
It tumbled
countless pieces lying on the floor
I cried for you
My solace, my support


I wait for your return
but you don’t come

You won’t be coming back


Your breath is like the wind

Howling, howling, howling
the winds penetrate the thick silence
a knife to the ears
your breathing, so calm so calm so calm
the rise and fall of your chest
Restless, I watch
Yearning yearning yearning


I yearn for his hands on my skin. Soft, lingering and with intent. His voice is like silk rolling off his tongue, flowing smoothly and falling on me like a delicate drape. It awakens my soul and the maidenhood along with it. My hands ache to reach for you, stretching out but you tease me. You are just out of my reach.

You smile knowingly. You bask in my desperation to touch you, to hold you, to feel your insides like if they were mine. I want you inside of me; not just your penis but as if we were two halves coming together to be whole once more. My heart aches for those fleeting moments, so few and far between. You lower your voice and I can just barely make out the words you say to me, the whisper igniting a fire within me that could only be quenched by vigorous sex.

The maiden within me moans for that voice to come closer, to whisper in her ear and tell her that she’ll be used. That she will be held close to you as you do her uspeakable acts. Another voice within me rises, not the maiden but the succubus who wishes to suck you dry and take your soul. She lays down and arches her back just enough for you to see the bounty that is her breasts held back by thin cloth. Spreads her legs and beckons you to come to her, inside her. She is in my mid but how she yearns to show herself to you physically.

You see her in my eyes and your fire is lit in your erect penis. You want to tease but you want to fuck. I see the battle that rises within you as you struggle to restrain yourself. The same battle rises within me. I want to tempt you, I want to break your resolve to continue your game and take me to you bed. I want to see the game through, my panties soaked by the thought of being given a taste of you only to be denied. You turn me on. I contemplate

25 June 2017

Scrambling we find ourselves
Lost in thought, lost in our own worlds
I reached for you hand but you could not see me
Your visions encapsulated his voice
His touch
You were more lost than me
Withdrawing, I brought you back
Kissed your forehead with one last lingering
“Please find yourself”
Your deer eyes in my headlights